Facebook is Proscribe?

In recent days, we hear some news about Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), an institution which rule and guide Muslim society in Indonesia, create an instruction (fatwa) that facebook is forbidden for Muslim. They argue that facebook has created many bad impacts such adultery, free sex intercourse, and so on. If we see from the impacts, as soon all of us would agree that those are some society diseases which must be avoided. However, we also should take a look at the relation of using facebook and those bad impacts.

The facebook itself basically is used to be a social networking website. Social networking website is a website which contains people and each person can interact to each other via the website. In other word, the website replace the real place such a meeting event, party, discussion forum, or event classes. Moreover, by using facebook, people can still keep in touch with the other, without have a meeting directly in certain place. Therefore, facebook become so popular among the modern life. They don’t have enough spare time to socialize with the environment. Time is limited, so there’s no enough time to see a friend or come to the reunion event directly. On contrary, via facebook, people can see friends profile and write on his/her wall to ask about their news or just say hi.

If we compare, facebook can be associated with a knife. When a knife is used by a butcher, it will be used for killing cows or sheep which will be eaten by people. In other hand, if the knife is used by a robber, it will be used for killing somebody sometimes. Another contrast if the knife is used by a housewife to cook at the kitchen, it will be very useful and helpful for preparing some food. From those examples, we can conclude that a knife will bring various impact depends on the usage. Similar with facebook, if the user runs his account to find another girl beside his wife, we can absolutely call it as negative impact. Moreover, if the user wrote some lush message via facebook to his/her acquaintance, so this site is used for such free sex intercourse. In contrary, if the user just wrote short message like say hi or asking about news, it can strengthen the friendship between new or old friends. In Islam religion, it is taught to keep our good relationship with anyone. In this recent era, social networking site like facebook can be one way.

In my opinion, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) should observe the usage of facebook before providing any instruction. Although the instruction is still a discourse, it has brought many responses from internet user. Moreover, I think, the instruction about facebook is not necessary at all. People should responsible with themselves for something which is good or evil. Like a knife, it can be very useful if we use for good purpose, and also can be very dangerous if it’s used for evil matter.


dimas, i like ur writing since this is an actual issue. It is reasonable that MUI prohibid FB due to its negative effects, but i guess we should make dialogue first so it will not harm other people. Facebook is very useful for networking, but we had better to use it wisely. After oll, we are the decision makers whether facebook will give us advantages, or lead us to catastrophic defeat. keep ur good analysis. Wallahu’alam
{Alfi Syahriani}

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