God Bless Facebook

I don’t know when exactly Facebook to be so famous. This kind of social networking website is well-known among the students. For me as university student, facebook has a lot of contribution not only for discussing, but also keep in touch with old friend and publication tool.

For discussing purpose, facebook give me the easiest way to contact my friends. Most of my university friends have facebook account, and they also often appear online. When I want to ask something about our lesson at class or share my mind to the other, simply I can write on their wall and the reply will come as soon as possible. Furthermore, some of them often wrote a status which is related to current issue. All of us can see the recent status at the notification area, so we can give some comments to the status.

Second benefit that I recent realize is about keeping in touch with old friend. In facebook there is a facility witch is called group. This group can be an interest community, study club, academic organization, or just for fun. If I join one of them which are titled “Alumni of SMA 66 Jakarta”, I will find a lot of my old friends there. It’s a pleased moment for me when I see the old friend. I can say hello or ask how about their news so far, about his advance education, or his/her life perhaps.

The last thing that I earn from facebook is as the publication tool. This year, I participate as a member of student representative council in my faculty (BEM FIB UI). My department is called Departemen Kajian Budaya (Cultural Study department). We have a regular discussion about current issue and any other cultural matter. Last month, we held a big event called Seminar Pencak Silat. On that event, I got a duty to promote this event in cyber world. Beside I published the announcement to many sites, I also use facebook to create an event invitation and message my entire friend to do come. At the D day, there were many participants came from inside and outside UI. Some of them told the receptionist that they came after seeing an announcement at facebook. One facility at facebook is we can invite other people from an event invitation that we received from our friends. Therefore, the event invitation can spread wider and wider.

Personally, facebook is very useful in order to make my live easier. I’ll keep using facebook, of course for the good purposes.


the writing you’ve written above is so true, on the contrary, there are several negative things in using facebook. It can also cause the user become addicted to it, automatically, they don’t do any productive activity. I mean, they could do any other great activities, rather than facebook-ing. Over all, its a great writing and you are also put good support to this writing. good job. : )
{Prastirama Saniscara}

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