Dear Diary,

Next year, Indonesia will hold the biggest party in Democratic Country. Yes, that is National Election or Indonesian calls it PEMILU. The contestants have been decided and there are more than 40 parties that will fight in election.

One thing that makes it special is my first election as citizen. At the last Election, I am still 15 years old, and next year my age is 21. The minimum age for a citizen in this country to vote is 17 years old.

Honestly, there is something that still makes me confuse. I have not already had the chosen one. There are a lot of new contestants in this election, and all speak such a bull shit. They have many promises, and as usual, no more than promises.

In other hand, I still hope for the brighter future of Indonesia. We need a right leader to make our country better. So far, I don’t see any figure that will make Indonesia as a great nation. At the result, I still decide to use my vote. Whoever the next leader of Indonesia, It will be a big duty for him or her.

This year is also my first experience to vote in national election. But I think to be a neutral one. I don’t want to choose anyone (Awan Sandi Pungkas)