Public Speaking

No Occasion Institution Year Information
01 Guest at TV program Kick Andy Show Metro TV 2008 In episode seeing the world through heart
02 Guest at radio program Utak-Atik I-Radio FM Jakarta 2008 In topic Technology for Blinds
03 Guest at Radio program Inspirasi Singapore Radio International 2009 In topic Another world: a blind young figure
04 Guest at radio program science and technology BBC London in Bahasa 2009 In topic Website made by the Blinds
05 Speaker at Seminar of Online Business Entrepreneur in Action State Polytechnic of Jakarta 2010 In topic young online enterpreneur
06 Speaker at Seminar LKSM Bring the Leader in You Student Executive Board of Universitas Indonesia 2010 In topic about leadership and passion
07 Speaker at Seminar Youth Talks for Indonesia Student Executive Board of Universitas Indonesia 2010 In topic about leadership and social contribution
08 Speaker of Workshop on building website for organizational purpose Student Executive Board of Faculty of Humanities UI 2010 Giving practical training to university student how to building a website instantly
09 Speaker at Talkshow Building a Team and Creating Excelent Event Student Executive Board of Universitas Indonesia 2011 Sharing experience about conducting an event and making program
10 Guest at TV program Kick Andy Show Metro TV 2011 In topic Achieving Dreams in to Darkness
11 Speaker at Santri Indigo in Jepara Republika Dompet Duafa 2011 Giving inspiration to pesantren students about utilizing internet
12 Speaker at Seminar of Youth Contribution for Nation Welfare Student Executive Board of Universitas Indonesia 2011 In topic of youth and contribution
13 Speaker at Talkshow Effective Learning for Intelectual Activist Universitas Indonesia 2011 In topic of time management for university student
14 Speaker at Talkshow Rising Awareness for People with Disability Rotary Batavia Jakarta 2011 In topic of public perspective toward person with disability
15 Speaker at Seminar of National day of Technology Awakening Ministry of Research and Technology Appliciation department RI 2011 In topic of Inovation for People’s Prosperity
16 Guest at TV program Jalan Keluar by Jusuf Kalla Kompas TV 2011 Talk about youth, disability, and accessible technology
17 Guest at TV program 811Show Metro TV 2012 In topic Accessible games for blinds
18 Guest at TV program Radio Show TV One 2012 In topic technology for person with disability
19 Guest at TV program Sang Juara B-Channel TV 2012 In topic Youth and contribution
20 Guest at TV program Meniti Asa Daai TV 2012 In topic Redefining the Youth Oath
21 Speaker at weekly training of Acceleration Program for Student’s International Achievements University of Indonesia 2013 Scientific Writing
22 Speaker at Pecha Kucha Jakarta vol.14 Maverick Indonesia 2013 In theme #Edu+
23 Speaker at National Conference on Disability Awareness (NCDA 2013) Indonesia Disabled Care Community 2013 In theme “Inclusive Education for person with disabilities”
24 Speaker at National ID-IGF Dialogue Internet Governance Forum 2014 with topic “Internet to Empower Person with Disabilities”
25 Guest at TV Program Sarah Sechan Net TV 2014 In theme “hacking the Limit”
26 Speaker at talkshow Yang Muda Inilah Group 2014 With topic “Online Media for Youth” at SMK Sumbangsih, Cilandak Jakarta”
27 Speaker at Public Discussion on Infrastructure and Transportation Assosiation of Eisenhower Fellowship Alumni 2014 In theme “Implementing Accessible Infrastructure and Transportation for Person with Disabilities”
28 Speaker at Talkshow MyNight (Itikaf Remaja) Remaja Islam Sunda Kelapa (Riska) 2014 In theme “Youth Oath”
29 Guest at Talkshow Tuesday Talk in Love Kencomm Management 2014 Sharing experience and motivation
30 Speaker at Workshop on Gender and Disability in Urban Transportation IndII 2014 Event at Hotel JS Luwansa, Jakarta
31 Guest at Radio Program Lifestyle Inspiration Eljohn Radio 2014 Sharing experience and motivation
32 Guest at Talkshow Bincang Orang Maju (BOM) with Andy F Noya Indosat Ooredoo 2014 Sharing motivation on Indosat’s anniversary
33 Speaker at Young Leaders Talk 8 UIN Sunan Gunung Jati, Bandung 2014 Resolution for self-revolution”
34 Speaker at Entrepreneurship Training for Youth in Karawang, West Java Indonesia Business Links 2014 Break the limit to be a successful Entrepreneur”
35 Speaker at Youthnesian UNFPA 2014 Investing in Young People
36 Speaker at Seminar ICT for the Productivity of Person with Disabilities Ministry of ICT RI 2014 event at Hotel Santika, Purwokerto, Central Java
37 Speaker at ASEAN Literary Festival 2015 ASEAN Literary Festival 2015 The voices of Diffable People”
38 Guest at TV Program The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia ANTV 2015 Sharing experience and inspirational motivation
39 Speaker at We Care 2016 Student Executive of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia 2015 Talk Show “Now and Next: What Can We Do for Them?”
40 Speaker at Capacity Building Workshop on Supporting Employability of Persons with Disabilities Unesco 2016 Issues on Accessible Infrastructure, Transportation, and Technology
41 Guest at TV Program The World Tonight CNN Indonesia 2016 In theme “Disability is not a Limit”
42 Speaker at Talkshow XL Future Leaders Social Act 2016 XL Axiata 2016 Sharing experience and motivation

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