Seminar, Workshop, and training

No Activity Institution Year Information
01 Training ESQ Leadership ESQ Leadership Center 2006 Training to manage emotional and spiritual quotient
02 Workshop on Interpreting with DR. Barry Turner from RMIT Australia International Language Institute of Universitas Indonesia 2009 Training on method of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
03 Seminar of Entrepreneurship for Independent and successful Blinds Indonesian Blind Union 2010 Entrepreneurship as opportunity for person with disable
04 Seminar Democracy and Social Responsibility in Asia by Deputy PM of Malaysia Student Executive Board of Universitas Indonesia 2010 Introduce the democracy in Malaysia
05 ASEAN People’s Forum in Jakarta ASEAN 2011 Regional conference among ASEAN society
06 Multi-Stakeholders Workshop on People with Disabilities in Indonesia ILO and AusAID 2011 About rights of labor with disability
07 Workshop on blogging and Internet Ethics ICT Watch 2011 Two days workshop about internet and social media
08 Workshop on Basic Principle of Citizen Journalism by Uni Lubis Akademi Berbagi 2011 Sharing experience about writing news and citizen media
09 National Seminar of Media and Democracy Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia 2011 How media influence the democracy in Indonesia
10 Workshop on Human Rights Advocacy Indonesian Blind Union 2011 The way and method to advocate disability issues base on human rights perspective
11 Workshop on Improving Lobying Skill Mimi Institute 2011 How to have good skill in advocacy and lobying for organizational purpose
12 Workshop Menanam Pohon, Menabung Oksigen Universitas Indonesia 2011 Student contribution for planting trees
13 Seminar Festival national MDGs Jadilah Pencerah Nusantara Special Delegate office RI for MDGS 2012 National seminar about Millenium Development Goals 2015
14 The 4th High-Level Panel Meeting on MDGs post2015 in Bali United Nations 2013 Youth delegate for multistakeholders meeting on MDGS post2015
15 Traning Leadership and Character Building Forum Indonesia Muda 2013 Works colaboration for nation
16 ASEAN Blogger Festival in Solo Ministry of Foreign Affair RI 2013 Regional meeting for bloggers entire ASEAN countries
17 National Workshop on Protection of Rights of Person with Disability in Indonesia Indonesia Person with Disability Union 2013 Stake holders meeting to establish National Action Plan in Disability
18 Training on Gender and Disability Flinders University, Australia 2013 Fellowship from AusAID titled “Enabling Social Inclusion: Gender and Disability Responsive Good Governance”