Catatan dalam kelas semasa kuliah dan setelah kuliah

Utilizing the CRPD and CEDAW to Improve the Access of Information for Women with disabilities

This paper covers issues relating to improving the access of information by woman with disability, and engaging stakeholders in Indonesia who are responsible for gender and disability issues.  Nowadays, the gender movement in Indonesia is growing so fast. People can see woman in many positions across all sectors. Not only in low income sector where woman usually contribute, but also in higher positions as decision makers. Even though Indonesia is the biggest Muslim society, it’s not a big deal to have a woman as leader.

Experience from ALA Fellowship Program Gender and Disability

Adelaide – I love almost all the session in these 12 weeks courses. I learn so many new things about domestic violence, child, gender analysis, and leadership in intensive training. It enhances my knowledge about gender and disability, and realizes me to give more attention to women with disabilities as well. Because as young leader …

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12 Weeks with Gender and Disability in Adelaide

Adelaide – In this 3 months fellowship program, we did many various activities. There are Intensive Training, Field visits, Guest Speaker, and Mentoring sessions, Leadership networking sessions, writing policy brief sessions, Action Plans sessions, Symposium, and some Social activities. Those activities relate to each other and generally improve my leadership skills and knowledge regarding gender …

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Media menjadi bagian yang teramat penting dalam kehidupan manusia saat ini. Akselerasi hidup yang menuntut manusia untuk harus serba cepat, berakibat pada arus informasi yang diminta pun semakin deras. Terlebih lagi di era segala sesuatu serba on-line seperti belakangan ini. Media on-line tidak lagi hanya dimanfaatkan sebagai sarana komunikasi saja. Media pemberitaan saat ini telah memanfaatkannya pula untuk mempercepat arus informasi dari para wartawan langsung ke khalayak. Tiap ada peristiwa yang baru terjadi, informasinya akan segera diterbitkan di media online. Sedangkan jika hanya mengandalkan media cetak seperti koran atau majalah, isi berita tersebut baru akan diketahui khalayak keesokan harinya. Media jejaring sosial (Social  Network) seperti Facebook dan twitter tak luput dari bidikan media pemberitaan sebagai sarana pewartaannya.

Four Precise strategies to be a good Boyfriend

In a relationship between two lovers, it is needed many things to make it longer and enjoyable. In fact, we can not stick in our idealist to love somebody. There are many things in common which our relation longer is probably out of our principle, but effective in make. In this piece of writing, you will see some tricks which are very useful for gentleman who is having a girlfriend.

Review: a Keystone of Apartheid

Basically, education is needed to transform the culture, norms, values, and build a person to understand better whatever around him. Each of us needs education, since child till the end of our life. However, something that essentially has good purpose, can also be an evil instrument depends on the ruler. Furthermore, it can be worse if the deviation was run by an official institution such a country. Walton R. Johnson, an admission counselor and former dean at Livingston College, analyze the implication of manipulating education in South Africa as the social stratification engineering in his article titled “Education: Keystone of Apartheid”. He explains thoroughly the Whites South Africa government policy in education that impact to the attempt of perpetuating the Whites supremacy toward the Africans. How the system of education methodically create the social discrimination in the society, and the effects to the Africans self-determination.