Review: a Keystone of Apartheid

Johnson, Walton R. Autumn, 1982. “Education: Keystone of Apartheid” Anthropology & Education Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 3, African Education and Social Stratification (autumn, 1982), pp. 214-237Published by: Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the American Anthropological Association. Basically, education is needed to transform the culture, norms, values, and build a person to understand better whatever around him. Each of us needs education,...

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Feminisme dalam Cerpen Perempuan Sinting di Dapur

Ketika mendengar kata perempuan, maka di benak kita akan terlintas kata-kata seperti lembut, cantik, lemah, manja, penurut, dan seterusnya. Bagi masyarakat pada umumnya, konsep ini dimaklumi sebagai sesuatu yang kodrati bagi seorang perempuan. Kaum esensialis pun seperti para pemuka agama dan masyarakat turut mendukung bahwa atribut-atribut yang melekat dalam konsep seorang perempuan adalah sesuatu yang kodrati atau alamiah dikarenakan factor...

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What Does Woman Achieve from Her Body?

Nowadays, advertisement is something important to the mostly of mass media. It supports the mass media by sponsoring them to keep in circulation. As the compensation, the company or institution that pays certain mass media to put their ads on it will get more customers who see the ads. Moreover, the advertiser also makes the ads as attractive as possible, and one of the tricks is by using woman as the model. This is a common phenomenon in our...

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Finding New Home

Perhaps you are a person who is getting bored with your society and country. Actually, this condition is often occurring among Indonesian people. The messiness, untidiness, and the hypocrisy bring people to the peak where they want to leave this country as soon as possible. However, to migrate to another country or continent, you must learn the language and custom first, except if you decide to move to mars or moon. Furthermore, learning the...

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Risalah Singkat Kebudayaan Indonesia

Berikut adalah beberapa teori terkait dengan materi kebudayaan Indonesia. Catatan ini saya konversi dari hasil ujian tengah semester mata kuliah Kebudayaan Indonesia di semester genap 2009 – 2010. Semoga dapat bermanfaat bagi pengunjung yang sedang mencari definisi dan teori-teori kebudayaan. pengertian kebudayaan. Secara umum di masyarakat, kebudayaan sering diartikan sebagai sesuatu yang terkait erat dengan seni. Seperti seni musik,...

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Having a Website in only several minutes

According to the site, since January 2009, the number of on-line website all around the world has reached more than 185 million domains. Moreover, some surveys said that the number of website will increase about 3 million domains each month. It means the necessity toward website is very important nowadays. Commonly people assume creating a website seems so difficult. They prefer to hire a professional to make their website. The...

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