IRONI Pahlawan dan Pemain Belakang Layar: Kisah Jasan dan Medeia

(Kisah Medeia yang Dikhianati Jasan dalam Mitologi Yunani Jason & the Argonauts) Pendahuluan Yunani merupakan negeri dengan sejuta pesona. Tempat dimana peradaban Eropa berasal ini memiliki ribuan kisah-kisah monumental. Kisah mengenai dua belas dewa-dewi Olimpus amat terkenal seantero dunia. Banyak karya seni yang terinspirasi seperti lukisan atau pahatan yang bernilai amat tinggi. Di sisi lain, kisah-kisah tersebut tak lain merupakan...

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The sins of Prita Mulyasari

Most of the media and forum discussion are talking about the case between Prita Mulyasari and Omni International Hospital. As usual, there must be a group who pro with Prita and criticize Omni International Hospital with the summation, they who cons with Prita and said that she obviously mock the hospital in other hand, and also a neutral group which don’t pro or even cons. In this essay, we won’t see the reason why people pros with Prita. The...

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Freedom in Speaking,could we?

At first, I am just curious who Prita Mulyasari is. Her name often stated in every news program in TV and radio station. She is always related with a sensational case that evolves the Onmi International Hospital, Tangerang district. After I heard most of my friends discuss it, finally I understand what’s going on. The case began when Prita, a mother of 2 children, send a message via e-mail to her community (mailing list) about the Omni...

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Perbandingan Nasionalisme Jepang dan Indonesia

(Perkembangan dan Perbandingan Nasionalisme antara Indonesia dan Jepang) Pendahuluan Melihat keadaan bangsa dan berkebangsaan masyarakat Indonesia dewasa ini, seakan-akan bangsa Indonesia hampir kehilangan keindonesiaannya. Kebebasan berdemokrasi yang diperoleh pasca reformasi 1998 belum menjadi formula ampuh dalam mempersatukan berbagai elemen bangsa Indonesia. Sering terjadi konflik antar suku seperti kasus Sampit Kalimantan Tengah beberapa...

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What do You Want to be when You are Old?

When we were child, there was a usual question to us “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and automatically, we answered with to be a pilot, director, musician, minister, or even president. After the childhood and we become teenager, the answer changed to be more realistic such manager, translator, news-writer, and so on. However, have we ever thought about our old age? As long as we live, especially in teenager stage, we have a lot of...

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Facebook is Proscribe?

In recent days, we hear some news about Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), an institution which rule and guide Muslim society in Indonesia, create an instruction (fatwa) that facebook is forbidden for Muslim. They argue that facebook has created many bad impacts such adultery, free sex intercourse, and so on. If we see from the impacts, as soon all of us would agree that those are some society diseases which must be avoided. However, we also should...

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